Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've decided:

Pillows are the perfect subset of the perfect craft.  Small, portable, quick(ish).

Sharon gave me just enough to go on once we started planning back in late May...warm colors, more modern than traditional, likes AMH and this quilt.

And so here it is, tiny-style for a pillow cover. 

sharon's pillow front

I already had everything but the chocolate Kona solid, and this was a great exercise in coordinating fabrics from different lines in the same project, something I'm continually working on.

sharon's pillow back

The backing fabric: perfect--an AMH print I also already owned, and love, but it just wasn't at home in my home. Large-scale, and so a nice contrast to the prints and layout on the front, and home-dec weight for a little heft. I'd almost say it makes the pillow reversible, though who would ever want to hide a pieced quilty front?

Straight-line quilting is still a little maddening to me...I'm not sure I could sew slowly enough to keep the entire design perfectly parallel.  A little bit of the backing in the binding because piecing a binding is a compulsion.  I almost used a brighter print, but am now glad I went in this direction as I think it would have been too distracting.

sharon's pillow binding detail

A couple of other goodies in the package:

sharon's cards

rosette card

geese card

sharon's magnets

And off it went to sunny California.

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  1. Thank you SO much for this beautiful and generous gift! They all look so lovely in our new home and I could not imagine a more perfect pillow:) I finally got the chance to blog about it here so you can check out picks of the pillow in our new home -



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