Wednesday, July 07, 2010

pro/con for VQBs

pros: working with different fabrics, making a block style that you might not have otherwise, trying a new technique, and being creative within structure, which is a good thing for this overthinker.

These baskets were so much fun to make for Kimber for Bee Liberated. In truth, I had skipped right over that chapter in Liberated Quiltmaking, and even though the bias handles (especially the tall one--my own fault, due to a cutting error, but I figured out a solution!) gave me a run for my money, I *so* love the finished blocks that I'm contemplating a basket quilt of my own.

Kimber's baskets

 Which leads to the con: I need a new quilt idea like I need another bag of scraps.  High-class problem, I guess.

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