Wednesday, April 28, 2010

taking a break...

to order some solids swaps, bee blocks, etc.

They won't be used together...

hancocks screenshot

But wouldn't they make a tremendous quilt?

Maybe for my month over here...

Off to design a scavenger hunt.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a breather


It's April in Chicago, but this photo is from August in Vegas.

Why? one might wonder.

Because it's crazybusy around here (fundraiser--basement remodel--bee blocks--swap project--raffle quilt) and I think I might just rather be sitting by the pool, gazing at a blue sky, frozen bellini in hand.  Or maybe flying far, far away in one of those helicopters.

It'll all get done, I know.  It'll just be pretty quiet in this spot in the meantime.

See you on May 2nd.

Monday, April 12, 2010

camera dump

Also known as Christmas gifts in April.  But such is what happens when you leave your camera at a far(ish)-away friend's house, and having an extra to use in the meantime (thanks Mom!) means you have no incentive to rush to retrieve it.

The far(ish)-away friend is also mama to my Godson, and though we don't exchange anything huge at Christmastime, I wanted to give them a little something (their gift to us? The puzzle cheese cutters!):

A Dr. Seuss book and matching FP-stenciled shirt for the littler guy--

dr seuss tshirt

And this bag, my first project on my new machine (had to try out the overcast stitches and the letters--kinda small, no?) for his big brother--

sunprints case


which held this random assortment for printing:

sunprints stuff

We've got our own sunprint kit around here too, just waiting for the right collection of treasures and the perfect bright, lazy day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

autumn in the spring

Theresa's great-niece is named Autumn, so even though it was March, she wanted fallish blocks for her month of ASB.

Her color choices were so thoughtful, and though I tend to choose brighter colors when I buy fabrics, between what she sent and some scraps I'd gotten in a swap a year or so ago, I had a pretty good selection.

autumn spiderwebs 1

As usual, the less I thought and analyzed, the better they looked.

I couldn't resist cutting into a thrift store shirt for the mulberry plaid,

autumn spiderwebs 2

and adding in some scraps of AMH

autumn spiderwebs 3

from this project.  Not quite fall colors, but close.

Sunday, April 04, 2010



Wishing everyone a bright and wonderful day.