Friday, August 19, 2011

when you have a baby...

you don't sew.

At least for a little while.

lib 2
{Elizabeth Erickson Brown. Born 05.12.11 at 8:35 in the morning. Weighing 8 pounds, 13 ounces & 21 inches long.}

{yesterday, 14 weeks}

I still knit sometimes (working on this (a sleeve and some kitchener to go), this (almost as close), started this, this is in queue once I choose the right yarn) because I can do that lazily in front of an episode of this.

Because 2 kids, they tire you out.

At least I'm enjoying using and loving the (2!) quilts I finished before she was born (but no time yet for photos!)...and am gearing up to do a little project for my Libby, plus another one for another Elizabeth, due next month. Simple, simple, but it will surely feel good to quilt something.

PS: I did manage to finish this bee block

bee's knees january 1

(and another just like it) before Libby was born, and this one,

may 1

dreadfully late, a couple of weeks ago.

PPS: Have you heard about this book? I'm honored to be a contributor. See that light-blue-and-lime block in the upper right? Mine!