Monday, July 12, 2010

out the door

bento packages

in the car, actually, ready for the PO in a bit.  We were too tired to go after (the first day of) camp.

People, this was so much fun.  Watching the flickr group and choosing fabrics and meeting new quilters...which all of us could do...but also having all 669 quarters on my dining room table at once,

bento sorting

and sending packages to bee friends,

leanne's tag

and seeing the possible combinations as I sorted made it even better.

And such happy things in the packages!  Like this on the back of a return envelope,


and fun cards (like a paint chip from Audrey!),

bento cards

amh tag

and a Hawkeye block (an excellent inside joke from Susie for which I already have a gifty project in mind--because let's be clear, we're Illini fans in this house!),

hawkeye block

and extra blocks from Karen.  And a butterfly pin.

butterfly pin

I think another round is in order.


  1. I'm in if you're up for another round!

  2. Yeah! Count me in! I'm gunna start thinking about fabric combos now!


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