Sunday, June 27, 2010

there's less time for sewing...

when school's out.  But there's still a lot to love about summer:

cherry tree

cherries feet


ferris wheel down

ferris wheel view




shaved ice


::small-town parades
::cherry picking
::walking downtown to the Ferris wheel...
::and the view of your house from the top
::farm camp
::a quilt at the car show
::shaved ice
::looking forward to two more months.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my little centennial giveaway...the winner (per was #14, Colette.  Watch for an email from me later today--looking forward to collaborating with you!

A little Wednesday eye candy (and aren't these candy colors!?):

siggy swap fabrics

Some Tula Pink Hushabye for round 2 of the Modern Siggy Swap.  Planning to work on those blocks and finish the pillow this weekend while my husband is relaxing by the blackjack table in Vegas.  And maybe some hexagons while we stay the night at grandma and grandpa's?  Nobody can tell me I don't live on the edge.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a different species of bee

If you're here from QBB, welcome!

Speaking of quilting bee blocks, have you heard of the 3x6 mini bee, hosted by Tiffany?  A little different than a typical bee, but so much fun.  Each quarter runs three months (hence the name), and the group for a particular quarter is divided into hives of seven.  Each person makes six of the same block in the colors requested by each of the others.

Or, in my case, seven--one for me!

my 3x6

The photos of the others are too embarrassingly dark/grainy/taken-at-midnight-like to be posted here, but they're up over on flickr...

Five of the six (I asked for orange and pink) have already arrived...

3x6 blocks 1

Can't wait to get the sixth so I can start laying them out!  And, of course, to get started on the next round...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

100th post, and a giveaway

...of sorts.  It's real, but it's a little off the radar, as are a lot of things I do on the blog and otherwise.

But first.

If you're here for info about the Mod Bento Block Swap, just click here or scroll down.  Not quite two weeks before the suggested US mail date (June 28)'ve still got time!  If you're on the fence, check out the gorgeous blocks over at the flickr group...just think: some of those could be yours!

Back on task.

I guess the 100-posts point is a sort of arbitrary time for blog reflection, but wanting to commemorate the occasion anyway while lacking a solid idea on how to do it has kept me on bloghold for 2+ weeks.  No good.  So I guess I'll just make it simple: after 100 posts, I like blogging, and I'm planning to keep going with it.  Thanks to everyone who pops in here from time to time; your visits and comments make my day.

To celebrate, how about a giveaway?

It's a secret giveaway.

It involves a pattern, a quilt, and that whole "custom work" thing--speaking of which, a peek at Sharon's pillow-in-progress:

sneak peek

Beyond that info, you'll be in the dark either until you win or until you read the details here as they unfold. If you're willing to take the plunge, just leave me a comment; I'll draw a winner at random on Monday night.