Thursday, July 15, 2010


this is the sum total of my black & white fabric.

black & white scraps

Becca sent strips of various colors to each of us for ASB, and asked us to try a new method for spider web blocks from Collaborative Quilting (2?--by Gwen Marston & Freddy Moran--bee overlap!).  She accdientally included just enough black & white for the corners of one block.  Since I'm clearly deficient in this area of fabric accumulation, what's supposed to look like this:

liberated spider web complete

is just this

liberated spider web 2

for the second.

liberated spider web 1

Love this method!

For Bee Liberated, Susan asked for liberated log cabins using fussy-cut owls for the centers.

owl log cabins

I had never made a log cabin block before!  My only issue was that Susan asked us to build the blocks clockwise around the owl, but I ended up a little narrow on one side and had to add one last piece out of order--didn't have enough fabric (or think it would look good) to go around the whole block again.

But I'm sure that everyone who sees this quilt will only have eyes for this guy, anyway:

tiny owl


  1. Is there a tutorial on that spiderweb block? It looks nice. I love the little owl.

  2. yay! i spied some of Erin McMorris' bicycles in the 2nd pic. i love that spiderweb block pattern and you did a great job!

    so what fabric did you make out with in the sale? pictures! pictures!


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