Tuesday, September 29, 2009

we like pizza around here...

and we have an excellent pizzeria a few blocks away, but sometimes budget and health concerns send us another direction.  I am not one of those people who will ever find the perfect crust or sauce recipe and swear off order-out for good.  I like homemade pizza too, it's just something totally different.  I also like Domino's and frozen pizza (again, different genres), but I suppose that that should be kept secret.

Back to business.

We make pizza once every couple of weeks, and I usually make and freeze a big batch of dough, sometimes even going the extra mile and prebaking some of it before freezing...my own homemade Boboli crust.  This works really well, but last week, I started from a hunk o' dough (which was made with half whole-wheat flour and, also, had molded itself around a freezer container).

A serendipity of sorts occurred, in that I also had in my freezer some arugula pesto (my own concoction, a recipe for another day) and turkey sausage, which was begging to be grilled.  I also wanted to grill the dough, but didn't have time to do the whole thing from start to finish.  The solution was pre-grilling the dough to almost-doneness along with the sausage.  A pizza needs some red, so I also threw a packet of chopped, seeded plum tomatoes (tossed with olive oil, garlic, kosher salt, & pepper) on the grates and called it a game.

A couple of hours later, I baked it up, and ended up with a really good, really different pizza, with a mighty crackly crust.  In conclusion, a gratuitous crust photo:

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