Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love Thursday!...

primarily because it's the almost-the-weekend day, but also because in our town, it's farmer's market day.  There's a whole new dimension to that now that I'm dropping Alex off at school on Thursday mornings, and this morning had to park illegally since all the marketgoers had *stolen* my parking spots, but we made it work.

Anyway, after school, we walked the half-block to the market, played in the park for a bit (where I saw a smattering of people I knew but who didn't know each other...kind of awkward and definitely tough to manage all three conversations at once!), and bought this monster, which I present on my pizza peel for scale (doesn't everyone use a pizza peel for scale?).  I should probably apologize for the dishes in my sink, but let's just get it out in the open right now that there are often dishes in my sink.

So, some zucchini bread is on the way--the super-nice guy at the market (I love people who are unnecessarily but deliberately nice to my kid, and he was) assures me that that's what zucchs of this size are good for.  I need a recipe...I'm planning to use something from here so I can turn right around and add in some chocolate chunks, guilt free.

Today I was super-productive during school time (bill paying, paper managing, that kind of stuff), so tomorrow, my treat to myself will be sewing during those few hours.  I'm set to start my first quilt, a Christmas lap quilt made of fabrics left over from the swap hosted by modernJax.  The top in my mind was inspired by this, and I'm thinking of a randomly pieced back à la this beaut, but with more white space--or maybe just different white space.  And a pieced binding for sure.

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