Monday, September 21, 2009

color week::brick red

It's color week at elsie marley, in honor of fall.  I'm more of a cool-color girl, so this'll take some doing for me.  A good exercise.

I'm ready for fall, I think.  I don't like the heat, which kind of puts a damper on summer for me (but this summer has been cool--so what's not to like about that?).  But with that relief comes a paradoxical dread, because the older I get, the more I dread the cold and snow and ice and bleak of winter.  I don't know if it's having a kid to keep warm (though he's usually pretty sweaty, like his mama) or just the increased crabbiness brought by each passing year...but where I used to roll my eyes at my mom as she began worrying about winter on September 1, now I'm right there with her.

Still, I adore the in-between of fall...the smell, the crackle, the wind, the chill (which is definitely not the same as cold).  A series of fun events: Halloween, my wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving, and then, of course, Christmas and all the joy leading up to it.  And that last part is winter, and I love it.  Must not be so bad after all.

Today's installment of color week, brick red, was probably the easiest of the five to find in my house (I'm honestly a little anxious about goldenrod), and is thus a good warmup.  My brick red is really yellow--it's food coloring, and it's in queue to be returned since I ended up buying two and needing one, which should explain to you exactly why it's in my kitchen cabinet with my dishes and a multi-pack of rotary cutter blades, which are not in queue to be returned.  That's how things rumble around here.

Happy Monday!


  1. I adore this time of year!! There is nothing better than getting all wrapped up, going for a long walk and then coming home to a big bowl of home-made soup!!

    It's so interesting to see what everyone has posted for this!


  2. I know...I am SO ready for cooler weather. I thought this was a prescription bottle at first and thought, "sugar as a first ingredient?!" :)

  3. We are opposites! I've got a million goldenrod things to photograph, but had a really hard time with brick red!

  4. your food colouring freaked me out a little on first glimpse as I thought it was blood (as in when you give blood) - quite disturbing that my mind would think that ;) I'm so much happier to know it is food colouring!

  5. Too funny. I can see how the bottle could look like a prescription bottle or a "donation" bottle...I too am loving seeing what everyone has been posting. So interesting to see what catches different eyes.

    Today was our first fallish day, where it kind of smelled like fall. Not full force, but there was something different in the air.


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