Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Monday...

and what a glorious weekend it was, seeing a terrific friend for the first time in years and meeting her little one.

Perhaps glorious is the wrong word, since rain was a heavy player, but at least it was a gentle rain (which is kind of like saying it's a dry heat...). 

There was sand,

and tic tac toe,

and running,

and searching for ducks...

and we even brought bread, but they were quacking somewhere else that morning.

Today, the weather's not much more glorious around here (though yesterday truly was), and it really does feel like fall.  I have too many knitting projects going on right now, all for gifts, and all with "deadlines" approaching...none for a party or occasion, but they're kind of hanging over me nonetheless, so it's a good thing that it's fun to knit when it's dreary.

This afternoon, I've been working on this scarf {Rav link}for my mom and am realizing that I don't love really repetitive knitting.  Or maybe I don't love repetitive knitting on a deadline.  Anyway, the yarn is too gorgeous--I'm using the same colorway as was shown in the pattern--so that (along with the promise of dropped stitches at the end) makes it palatable.  I'm just about halfway there, with a month until delivery.

Tomorrow, I want to talk pizza.

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