Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sure wish I'd thought of that...

Muffin Tin Monday, that is.  I suppose it doesn't matter who thought of it, just that I found it...and I wish I'd done that sooner.  The host blog, Her Cup Overfloweth (which inherited it from the originator, I believe), is darling, and there are all sorts of fun things to jazz things up--themes!--but I kept things simple for starters.

I bought a silicone 6-muffin "tin" at Joann (50% off!), and brainstormed.

Week one (last Monday), I came up with this:

And was received like this:

Carrots, apple slices, raisins & cashews, homemade tortilla chips, hot dog chunks (his favorite!), and a sliced string cheese.  He liked it, though that could have had something to do with this:

Today--I know, it's Tuesday!--I did this:

Happier still!  And no chocolate this week.  I already love how this forces me to think of foods I wouldn't otherwise have cooked, and since the focus is on the muffin tin and the novelty, it's off the "new" foods--which leads to some adventurousness I don't often see at mealtime. 

Today's selection (he counted them on his fingers as he named them--love that!): cheddar cheese cubes, blueberry yogurt (usually reserved for weekend breakfast with Daddy), cantaloupe, p b & j cut into tiny cubes (isn't it so true that kids love tiny things?), cucumber slices, and--the runaway winner--roasted chick peas.  Which were successful in that he liked them, but moreso in that he tried them--we've got a pretty picky eater here--with only a bit of crunching theatrics from mom.


  1. I saw your post on Small Notebook and came looking for your laundry soap recipe. You should post it, I would love to learn how to make laundry soap.

    By the way, love this muffin tin idea. I use my muffin tin to freeze my daughter's homemade baby food, but when she gets older, I will definitely be using it for her lunches!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    The laundry soap recipe I use is #4 from this list of 10 recipes at tipnut.com.

    Ah, I remember the days of making baby food (you're lucky to have a good eater! Mine could usually only handle ice cube tray-sized-cubes!)...this is a little more fun, though.

    Thanks for visiting!


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