Tuesday, October 27, 2009

moments I

So the official title is “Moments”—and since yesterday’s photos were of clean things (though I bared my imperfections in the text!), today I’ll share some of our life in its uncropped glory.  A disclaimer: I did edit these a bit—just to improve the composition & color (though it’s official—we’re in the market for a new camera).  And another one: I did clean up the table a little bit before we started, realizing that if we had a tidy place to work, I would feel more relaxed as we carved.  But worry not--you’ll still see our house living life.

Another kind of blog perfection that sometimes pokes at me a little bit is how much kiddos seem to love doing all the activities suggested and hosted by their moms.  Oftentimes, mine doesn’t.  I love crafting (obviously!) and Alex would rather do a lot of other things than crafts, or really, than whatever I want him to do at any particular moment—though of course, I’m never allowed to go to another room (that’s how I know he loves me!). 

Anyway, I imagine that in the perfect pumpkin carving post, the kids would be helping to trace the face onto the pumpkin, and then watching in awe as mom or dad deftly brought the jack-o-lantern to life.  Mine thinks pumpkin guts are gross and wanted to push buttons instead.

So we came up with bringing the keyboard over to the table, so he was with us, and it was fine.  We were together.

My real "moment" of the day?  Alex wanted to put the “hat” on the pumpkin.

So he did.


  1. love it!
    I often wonder about all those happy-to-participate kids... we do plenty of fun and crafty activities around here, but if Tessa is sure to dig her heels in as soon as she figures out I'm invested in a project. It's much better to play it cool... or compromise.

  2. Yep, I have much better luck when I'm nonchalant!

  3. I don't think we have to necessarily show our 'messes' to be real - although it does help to proove that our lives aren't picture perfect - I think it's more about sharing the real moments in our days - like you've done here. Lovely.


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