Friday, October 30, 2009

all hallows' eve eve

Say that fast a bunch of times.

Not that anyone is dying to do a craft right now, but there's always next year...we did this at Alex's Halloween party today and I thought it was about the cleverest thing I'd ever seen.  I also really liked it because it appealed to my mess-hating craft-indifferent kiddo.  I cannot take one ounce of credit for it--it's the brainchild of the wonderful Miss Lisa at school.

Basically, cut three sheets of scrapbook paper like so: one triangle (the roof), one intact square (the "inside"), one square (the fa├žade) into which you also cut doors and windows, using, I'm guessing, an x-acto knife and an angled ruler.  Precision was not the key, and the result was some serious wonk--all the better when kiddos are doing the gluing and the final product is a haunted house.  Some kids used regular Elmer's (including one who made a glue pond while my head was turned--they're so fast!), others glue sticks, and spider confetti was available.  You must make one!

 In the background, a moment.

And off topic, I really love the second life of a bouquet of flowers.  The original arrangement in this case was beautiful (and, alas, unphotographed--a surprise from my husband, just because!), but once the rest of them started to wilt these few were rescued, I re-vased...and I think I like this one even a little bit better.  Nobody's going to confuse me with Eddie Ross, but I sure smile when I see them--like I cheated flower death and eked out another couple of days of walk-by happiness.

 Trick or treat!

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