Monday, October 19, 2009

popping bubbles

The UPS man walked up my driveway, thumped something down on the back stoop, did his knock-knock, and was gone...all before I could remember what I had ordered.  Nothing.  Ugh, a trip to the UPS store with a kid who hates errands, the weather's so rainy, complain complain.

But though I hadn't ordered the package, turns out it was for me us...from this little guy and his mom. 

Turns out ripping tape off of a box is really, really fun.

So much fun, in fact, that wiggling ensues when the process isn't going quite fast enough.

Turns out that inside were these (for me):

and some so-cute Halloween cookies (for everyone!), which we had to start eating right now

Turns out there's something even cooler than cookies.

Thanks Jen!  We miss you.  Come back soon.

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