Sunday, May 09, 2010

tea leaves

I know I keep talking about these famous sheets, but humor me one more time, if you would.

Margaret, from TBK, is a really accomplished award winner...and she has her own longarm quilting buisness too.  It's only fitting that her blocks for the bee were the most challenging so far.  She gave us plenty of lead time (I think I had my fabrics at least a week before March began), and posted a thorough tutorial, but I was kinda busy in April.  They were the first thing I did after that craziness was over, because I hate to be late with bees & swaps (shhh!  I still have my Spider Bee blocks to do!--Tuesday at the latest, Tracy!), and I finally mailed them out midweek.

margaret's tea leaves 2

Paper piecing is terrific, friends.  I had only tried spider web blocks before, but am now even more obsessed with seeking out other paper-pieced blocks.  I've been known to have issues with 1/4 inch seams, and for the most part, this process eliminates that stress.  Everything is so precise and tidy!  My only concern is the bulk when four or five pieces of fabric came together, but hopefully smooshing the life out of them with my iron and quilting will take care of that.

margaret's tea leaves 1

Aren't they cheery?

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  1. I love those blocks - I'll have to see if I can find that paper pieced pattern. Yours looks great!

    A funny thing I saw last week at my quilt shop - a small rubber mallet, specifically for pounding bulky seams into shape!


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