Saturday, May 15, 2010

lake is the new charcoal

may tbk 2

This is my block for my TBK quilt.  Inspirations here, here, and here; that last one is a block made by my friend Emily from CMQG, who sparked the idea that tied it all together.  Every print in my stash ended up in my packages, along with the lake blue Kona solid.  So much rethinking went into this design and I almost didn't go forward with it.  But I'm really, really glad I did.

may tbk 1

The wind and sun were not cooperating with our photo shoot, hence blowing, wrinkles, and shadows. 

alex studies the block

Luckily, Alex *was* cooperating...I'm just starting small and preparing him early for when he'll be made to hold up an entire quilt.

alex the block holder


  1. The block looks nice. I am annxious to get started on mine but I want to think on it. I see Alex has yellow crocs on, my grandson has a pair as well.

  2. HA! That's right, start 'em young!


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