Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what's happening?


Not too terribly much.

A star.

Some bee blocks in the making.

A quilt in my head.

A stack of fabric for another.

A hat I just have to finish.

Fundraiser business.  Do you know how annoying it is when graphics files don't upload properly?

The highlight?  A meeting.  Check out the photo on KateKwiltz...I'm third from the left.  A terrific group of talented women.  Fun!


  1. It was a ski day for us, so I was bummed to miss the first meeting. Sounds like it went really well!

  2. Your star is fabulous! Relish your accomplishments and the rest will get done in its own time!

    p.s. Apparently we were the only ones to get the "wear your black turtleneck sweater with jeans to the quilt guild meeting" memo. Or we're psychic. yeah!

  3. Your star is really neat. I wanted to go to the Modern Quilt Guild but it is 2 hours from here and it is just a bit too far for me to go. You will have to share all your work with us.


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