Wednesday, February 10, 2010

under (and prisoners of) the weather


Of course we're not the only ones to be dealing with fever, coughs, sneezing, and etc., but a few days home from school, cooped up with a foot of snow outside (plus an earthquake!?!), sure does make it feel that way.

Symptoms aside, he feels fine, so at least we've been keeping busy.

heart crystals

Heart crystals (also above).


Beads.  With which we make bracelets for each other, with names.  I personally am proudly sporting a princess bracelet and a Celia bracelet, which look almost the same.  Very definite ideas about which colors should be used.  Next up for Alex are a fireman bracelet and a fire chief bracelet (not sure how, or if, those will differ).

ladybug stamp

Stamping, for Valentines and just for fun.  "I choosed black and red for the ladybug because ladybugs are black and red."  Later, for a funny joke, a purple and green ladybug was made.  As an aside, taping down our paper with painters tape is my smartest idea in a long time.  I'm sure I'm thwarting some kind of keep-the-paper-still-on-his-own developmental skill, but the decrease in frustration trumps that for now.


Chalk.  We (I) also drew a bug house and a monster house. Very definite ideas about furniture. Note the Mike bracelet.

All with our monster soundtrack in the background, including songs from Justin Roberts, Laurie Berkner, Sesame Street, and of course, the movie.  Dancing was interspersed.

Tomorrow, a quilt.

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  1. The crystals are so neat. We had some Hoar Frost this year and it looks a lot like that only on a smaller scale. I love it that you craft with Alex a lot. I always enjoy these posts.


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