Wednesday, February 03, 2010

a little February cheer


I saw this idea here first, and during our art-and-craft-athon on Sunday, we pulled out an old MSL and punched.  The heart punch was a hit, for sure.


Then, I put the hearts in a bag, and forgot all about them until this morning.  Not a moment to waste.

We wound the bobbin,

bobbin winder

sorted the hearts,

choosing hearts

saved a favorite for later (in a zookeeper hat, of course, the safest place of all),

safe keeping

and (I) sewed.

Lessons learned:


layering back to back will make heart flipping and reflection irrelevant (a lesson for next year), and it's difficult to take a quality photo of a mirror.

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  1. Love the chubby little helper hand. Cute idea with the hearts. Love your blue walls. I have one room about that shade of blue too.


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