Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday smatterings

Just a few.  Because I should be in bed right now.

::  Christmas shopping is now in full swing.  Ordered this and this tonight, and have this (from here) waiting for a pretty cool nephew.
::  Speaking of Christmas, I will definitely be making these this year (Alex will love it when I hang skewered bread upside-down on dowels).
::  This was awesome.  And I saw someone I went to grade school with whom I haven't talked to in at least ten years.  Small(ish) world.  More on what I did later this week.
::  Alex has an imaginary friend.  It's a mouse.  We are not surprised.  Maybe he needs a mousehouse for Christmas?
::  Does everyone know about craftgawker?  I didn't even know about foodgawker, but it's probably best that I skip it altogether.  I'm having enough trouble avoiding the leftover Halloween candy. 
::  Tomorrow's the day!

OK, now I should really be in bed.

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