Wednesday, September 01, 2010

an owl haikoop

Have you heard about the Embroidereading Contest, hosted by Melissa at Checkout Girl?

owl haikoop

Alex is into owls—like really into owls—and loves to ask me again and again about where and how they live. One day on a forest preserve walk, he asked, “why don’t we see owls?”—even though he knows they’re nocturnal. It’s as if it fascinates him that there are creatures that are allowed to stay up past his bedtime. That question became this (haiku) poem about what an owl is doing while we’re up and living.

The only things I bought for this project were the floss and the hoop—all the appliqué fabrics are scraps or cut from thrifted things…the cloud is batting, the owl’s body is from a wool herringbone blazer. My fabric is less than organized, but I just knew I had this tiny scrap of yellow dots, and I was miraculously able to find it to make the sun.

My one regret (besides the fact that the word "sleep" looks a little bit balloonlike--I was using my own handwriting!) is that the weather here is dreary and so therefore is the photo. He is much perkier looking in real life.

I'll be celebrating my birthday and my blogiversary in Amarillo, Texas...see you next week!


  1. Your owl is very cute. I can hear an owl around here. Sometimes he is very close. I even saw him get a bunny one night before I went to bed. But don't tell Alex that. Have a nice time in Texas.

  2. Very clever! I hadn't heard of the contest and took a look. So neat. Thanks :)


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