Friday, September 10, 2010

alex in wonderland

The amusement park, not the fairy tale.

We visited Amarillo, Texas this past (Labor Day) weekend, where my husband was born and lived until he was four.

We rode horses, saw cars growing out of the ground, "hiked" Palo Duro Canyon, went to a rodeo, toured his family's old stomping grounds, and had tacos and margaritas for (my birthday) dinner...

steer skull and broken glass

stable window

from the canyon floor

walking to the cadillacs

at the rodeo

boot hill cemetery

through the trees

...but the highlight was certainly our trip to Wonderland.

Which Alex loved "this much"--

i love it this much

which was delightful in itself, but not too bad either was the perfectly glorious sky that was the backdrop for the perfectly glorious colors of this place.

snowflake in lights

ferris wheel

coaster 1


See any quilts in there? Thought so.

Also, I somehow managed to photograph a rainbow.

water ride rainbow

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