Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a different species of bee

If you're here from QBB, welcome!

Speaking of quilting bee blocks, have you heard of the 3x6 mini bee, hosted by Tiffany?  A little different than a typical bee, but so much fun.  Each quarter runs three months (hence the name), and the group for a particular quarter is divided into hives of seven.  Each person makes six of the same block in the colors requested by each of the others.

Or, in my case, seven--one for me!

my 3x6

The photos of the others are too embarrassingly dark/grainy/taken-at-midnight-like to be posted here, but they're up over on flickr...

Five of the six (I asked for orange and pink) have already arrived...

3x6 blocks 1

Can't wait to get the sixth so I can start laying them out!  And, of course, to get started on the next round...

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