Monday, April 12, 2010

camera dump

Also known as Christmas gifts in April.  But such is what happens when you leave your camera at a far(ish)-away friend's house, and having an extra to use in the meantime (thanks Mom!) means you have no incentive to rush to retrieve it.

The far(ish)-away friend is also mama to my Godson, and though we don't exchange anything huge at Christmastime, I wanted to give them a little something (their gift to us? The puzzle cheese cutters!):

A Dr. Seuss book and matching FP-stenciled shirt for the littler guy--

dr seuss tshirt

And this bag, my first project on my new machine (had to try out the overcast stitches and the letters--kinda small, no?) for his big brother--

sunprints case


which held this random assortment for printing:

sunprints stuff

We've got our own sunprint kit around here too, just waiting for the right collection of treasures and the perfect bright, lazy day.

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