Sunday, April 11, 2010

autumn in the spring

Theresa's great-niece is named Autumn, so even though it was March, she wanted fallish blocks for her month of ASB.

Her color choices were so thoughtful, and though I tend to choose brighter colors when I buy fabrics, between what she sent and some scraps I'd gotten in a swap a year or so ago, I had a pretty good selection.

autumn spiderwebs 1

As usual, the less I thought and analyzed, the better they looked.

I couldn't resist cutting into a thrift store shirt for the mulberry plaid,

autumn spiderwebs 2

and adding in some scraps of AMH

autumn spiderwebs 3

from this project.  Not quite fall colors, but close.

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  1. Amazing photos. I really like it that you used fabrics from a thrifted shirt. I really really really like how these blocks turned out. Thank you so much for blogging about them.


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